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Unbreakable - Screening Hosting

Host a Screening

Want to see the film, help others see it and make some money?

We need local screening partners to host screenings in towns around the world.

Sign up below if you will be hosting a screening in your theater or even your own living room.

Step 1: Agree to Screening Terms


Click here to confirm your agreement to the Screening Terms

Step 2: Decide if Your Screening is Public or Private.

Public - Click here to add your Screening to the official schedule and map on this webpage.

Private- Click here to sign up for a private screening. It will NOT be listed on this webpage.

Step 3: Pay for Your Screening


Decide how many people you would like your download to be licensed to show to.

Click here to pay for your screening and to recieve a test download file.

Step 4: Download Test Video File


After you pay, you will be sent a link within 48 hours to download a test video file with the same specs as the full movie.

Step 5: Download Marketing Materials


Download movie poster to help with your marketing.


Step 6: Download Full Movie


48 hours prior to your screening you will recieve an email with a link to download your customized version of the full Unbreakable movie.